Make Reporting Work for You, Not the Other Way Around

Easily prepare data and design visual reports for real-time behavioral healthcare decisions.

Jump-Start Your Reporting with Robust Features

Welligent’s industry acumen means you have easy access to over 1,200 of the most commonly used, in-depth, self-service reports. It’s menu-driven, so it’s easy to filter metadata to access need-to-know information for more effective decision making.

Plus, Welligent provides read-only access to comparative data so you can find industry averages and compare against national databases for big-picture analysis.

Ensure compliance with state, county, and federal reporting requirements
Access over 1,200 self-service reports
Filter metadata for quick info access
Access industry data for big-picture analysis
Get crucial features like:
  • Reporting Database
  • Ad Hoc reporting tools
  • Integration with third-party dashboards
  • Reports and dashboards built into end-user workflows
  • Program manager

Why Welligent for Revenue and Reporting?


Create reports on every aspect of your practice including revenue, billing, reimbursement, staff workflow efficiencies, and more.


Welligent makes it easy to stay in compliance with document submissions.


Get a clear-eyed view of active clients, schedules, behaviors, cycle summaries, treatment plans, claims, billing, or any other information you require.

Welligent is Part of the ContinuumCloud

Welligent is now part of the ContinuumCloud spectrum of solutions for social good. We’ll be providing the same great product and service as part of a suite of cloud-based solutions designed specifically for behavioral health and human services organizations.