Third-Party Integrations to Customize Your Workflow

Comprehensive solutions made even more robust with third-party integration capabilities.

One system, Not One-Size-Fits-All

Every organization is different, and every provider has unique needs. We’ve built a comprehensive network architecture that allows for add-ons and integration of existing systems to create a more efficient workday. Welligent can interface with human resource systems, payroll systems, training systems, and even other EHRs.

Welligent Integrates with Numerous Software Applications and Systems

Billing and Clinical Solutions Integrated ClearinghouseePrescribingeLabs
Business Intelligence Dashboards
Electronic Credit Card Payment Processing
Automated Medicaid/Medi-Cal Eligibility
Digital Signature Capture
Treatment Planning Libraries

Welligent is Part of the ContinuumCloud

Welligent is now part of the ContinuumCloud spectrum of solutions for social good. We’ll be providing the same great product and service as part of a suite of cloud-based solutions designed specifically for behavioral health and human services organizations.